You Decide

My clients determine their own fee for their sessions. I believe that most people, if given the chance, choose generosity and fairness. I trust you. I desire to one day live in a world where what is given freely by the planet can be embraced by all equally without exploitative competition.

Below I provide a figure that, if all of my clients paid for every session, would allow me to cover my costs for the year and allow me to save for the future. Some clients are willing and able to pay more than the figure I provide and others less. The amount a client pays will in no way influence my level of care because I will not know who pays or who pays what amount for their sessions. Should I reach my earnings goal for the year early I would continue to work as normal and not expect clients to contribute anything.

Please note that for each session we have, I complete at least 1 additional hour of planning, record keeping, researching, and processing. Additionally, I do my absolute best to live simply in our complicated world to keep fees low. As an example, I do not maintain an office; I work online or outside in a park in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Should you miss an appointment, I ask that you pay for the session regardless due to the reservation of my time and the time I spent preparing for you.

Considerations for determining what amount to pay for your sessions:

  • My estimated ‘break even’ cost per session: $91

  • Your own hourly wage.

  • Your co-pay for psychological services through insurance.

  • Average out-of-pocket cost in the therapy industry: $100 to $150.

  • Typical payment by Blue Cross Blue Shield per session: $100-$200.

  • Impact of taxes on earnings; %30 of everything I am paid goes to taxes. If you pay the ‘break even’ rate, I earn $63.70

per session (or $31.85/hour worked).

  • My estimated annual expenses plus retirement savings: $42,000.

Below is the link to Sean Moffitt Therapy PLLC PayPal Account

Year to Date income

Updated 11/17/22

  • Total Number of Sessions 483 (338 Sessions + 45 No Shows/Late Cancels)

  • Total After Tax Income $22,939.48 - Target $37,926.00

  • Average Client Payment $68.061 - Target Average $91

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