The way out is through

My Philosophy

I want to know who you are when you don’t believe there is anything wrong with you, and what gets in the way. What ways of being make you feel most alive?

We hurt where we care. Anger, anxiety, depression, and other difficult internal experiences, although hurtful, guide us to a life of meaning, belonging, and contentment. To be frightened or ashamed of our ills makes living the life we envision nearly impossible.

Developing an accepting relationship to our ills is crucial to healthy living. This relationship fosters thorough healing and a special resilience in moving towards what is important to us. It is compassionate in the face of knowing that we are imperfect and struggle: not because of who we are but because it is a universal human experience.

While there is much we can and need to change within, recognizing the immense impact of external systems—economic, political, cultural—on our internal worlds also is essential. When we shine light on these impacts, we empower ourselves with greater resolve to shape our environment for our needs and desires.

Life doesn't just have to happen to you: you can happen to life too. If we can change how you relate to difficult internal experiences, those ills will not draw as much time and energy from your life, allowing you to move more easily towards what brings you vitality.

Sean Moffitt Therapy PLLCLicensed Clinical Social